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More about Dictionary of Food and Nutrition

  • To create a product that meets the needs of a broad, non-specialised audience, including about twenty million visitors to Expo.
  • To produce a communication tool for Expo participants and staff.
  • To create a terminology database that meets the needs of professionals teachers translators, professional editors) and of specialised users.

The Dictionary includes high frequency words in the following fields:
food-science and technology
food, food preparation and cooking techniques
nutrition and dietary education
food safety

You can choose the language in which the search word is entered and the language into which it is to be translated
  • Clear and complete definitions specify the meaning of words and add informative notes
  • You can listen to the pronunciation of entries and of their translations in different languages
  • Thousands of illustrations provide more details about a product or a technique


In consideration of the universal character of Expo 2015, in addition to Italian the eight most spoken languages have been selected: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish.
The Dictionary of Food and Nutrition is also available in a three-language version: Italian, English and Chinese.
App version available
Available online for PC & Mac and for Android, iOS and Windows Phone tablets and smartphones
App version available
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